(Day +5) Mixed weekend

Yesterday was a good day, Grace felt well and happy to see her Dad and sister.


Today hasn’t been so great, Grace was sick this afternoon and unfortunately her tube came out and needed re-inserting. She’s been very tired and slept most of the afternoon and evening.


Overall though, she’s doing very well for this point in her treatment.

(Day +3) Learning to knit

I’m still feeling well, I have been eating rice, cucumber, skittles and an ice lolly today. I’ve been doing some knitting and playing with my new shnooks. Sometimes it’s a bit boring but I have a tv in my room.

(Day -1) Bone marrow harvest

A long, tough, but ultimately successful day today.

Olivia underwent 90 minutes of surgery this afternoon to extract 600ml of bone marrow. The procedure went well, she is very sore but was still able to stop for chicken nuggets on the way home! She made her parents very proud today.

Grace felt a little better today, was only sick twice, but had to endure having a NG (feeding) tube pushed up her nose and down her throat. In fact, she had to go through this twice as the tube came out this evening. Due to her nausea she has not eaten for two days, so this tube is very important for her to get all the nutrients she needs to keep her strength up. She was extremely brave both times, and hopefully she will soon get used to it being there.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is transplant day, which should be a lot more straightforward in comparison to today.

(Day -6) Treatment starts

Grace started chemotherapy treatment today, to clear what remains of her bone marrow before the transplant next week. It made her feel ill for a few hours, with a high temperature, but she was feeling much better this evening.

(Day -7) Birmingham

I woke up this morning and we had to pack and get ready to go to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. When we got here I got a bed by my friend Isla.

Thank you to everyone at church for all my presents,I love them.

(Day -10) Home

Today (Saturday) I came home and I was very happy. When I got home my dog was very happy to see me. I got a present from Ian at Wild Heart and I loved it, it was a lovely warm pompom hat… thank you Ian!