I have now dropped 3 meds but one of then makes my hair grow thick and stops my body from reacting to my sisters bone marrow.Now my hair is thinning and falling out so I have lost my eyebrows.Soon I will start wearing my wig.It is making me quite upset so when I next go to holpital I will tell them. About 2 months ago the hospital sent for a referral with a dermatologist(person who deals with skin)

Line out

A few weeks ago my central line(in my chest) split! My mom rang up Birmingham Children’s hospital and they said to come straight in.If it splits we have to clamp it with these clamps that we were given and rap it in this sterile gorse that we have.That was on a Thursday night in the summer holidays. On Friday evening I went down to Theatre and was put to sleep with an anaesthetic and had my line taken out.After a few weeks( when it was healed) I was allowed to go swimming for the first time since may last year. I loved it!