T-Cells, Whoa


A few weeks ago we got the all clear so i can go to public places, have a normal diet and best of all i can go back to school in phased return after this holiday. Im going back to a new school in Bobbington but I’m extremely exited. I have been to Mc’donalds and Telford town centre. But since May last year i haven’t been allowed on a trampoline, so now i have been on the trampoline and it was EPIC!!

When i go to clinic it will be the public clinic and also it is now once a fortnight, then it will go to once a month then it will gradually get less times.

14 thoughts on “T-Cells, Whoa

  1. Such great news, Grace! I really hope that you enjoyed your first day at your new school? I think you’ll be making new friends and learning interesting things very quickly. Also great to have you in Rainbows yesterday, it’ll be so helpful having you with those younger children we’ve got with us xxx

  2. That is fantastic news Grace!! Really hope that your new school will be a fun place to be with lots of new friends.

  3. Brill news Gracie, so glad to hear everything is going well, haven’t seen your blog for a while. I’m flying from Halfpenny Green this week, so will have to give you a wave with my wings – keep an eye out!

  4. Hi Grace. What absolutely fantastic news 👍🏼🌟😊. It must feel great being “normal” again (though I’m not sure I know what that feels like 😂😂😂). I was so sorry I didn’t see you in church the other Sunday. God bless you lots my sweet. Much love. Janet xxxx 😘🤗

  5. So glad that you had a good first day at school. You looked so good in your new uniform and I loved your shoes! Looking forward to hearing all about your new friends xx

  6. Thank you so much God for what you’ve done, and are doing for Grace!
    We’re sure Grace, you’re in for lots of fun and new things to do.
    Lots of love, Chris and Mary

  7. Fantastic news. We wish you a very happy first day at your new school.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Lots of love. xx

  8. It’s amazing how school can be so exciting when you haven’t been allowed to go for so long! I wonder if it would work with the dentist or cleaning! I am excited for you being able to do all those things again which you haven’t been able to. Enjoy!!!

  9. That’s amazing news Grace. Well done you. Lily will be so excited for you. We really hope you enjoy your new school. Lots of love xx

  10. Lovely to have you back In Rainbows Grace
    Your Nan said you really enjoyed your first half day at your new school. That’s so great to hear.
    I feel sure you will settle in very quickly
    Lots of love Fritha

  11. Hi Grace. I hope you have a great time at your new school! We all miss you greatly and all our class send best wishes and prayers that you will have a lovely time!

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