(Day +82) Allo Mate!!!!

Yesterday A famous Christian rapper called Guvna B came to our house. He got me a bag, beanie hat, a pom pom hat, a book and a jumper but that fits Liv. I loved him coming it was so exiting! He was performing in West Brom but before he performed he came to see me. It was really nice of him to come. He also brought two of his friends, Michael and Harrison.


Here is the link to the book, so please buy it!! http://www.guvnab.com/unpopularculture/


20 thoughts on “(Day +82) Allo Mate!!!!

  1. What a lovely photo. Fame at last eh😊Well I have ordered the book and should get it tomortow
    They’re almost out of stock.
    Well how are you?
    I have been up and down with a nasty chest infection. Our boilers been broken for just over 6 weeks so it’s cold here. Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow for 5th time. It’s getting cold this week too so wrap up warm. Miss seeing you all. Take care. Love to you all.xxxx

  2. Wow that is amazing! Did he do any rap for you? John went to see him at the West Brom concert last night. He had a ticket to see him (it was a Christmas gift)… but he didn’t get a free hat!!It is great to hear that you are doing so well. Keep on getting better!!!xxx

  3. Hi! Shame the jumper fitted Liv…..I’d of pinched it! Glad your home Grace. We’ve prayed for you. You’ve got an amazing family and so many people thinking of you. Keep up the good work….girl power! Love your blog. xx

  4. Grace, Hello, good to see you back on the bloggesphere again. I guess it’s hard to find things to put on the blog sometimes.

    I think Guvna B must be courageous and have strong clear views on what is important to him and he must be quite smart; to be able to stand out from the crowd, running in a different direction from mainstream rap

    I’m liking the hat, looks good on you.

    Anyway, I feel a dreadful joke or three coming on

    How did Darth Vader know what Luke got him for Christmas?
    He felt his presents!

    A magician was driving down the road..then he turned into a drive way.

    What washes up on tiny beaches?

    One for your physics teacher –
    A neutron walks into a bar and asks “how much for a beer?” The bartender says, “for you? no charge.”

    Last one for today

    What do you call a deer with no eye?

    Anyway, good to hear from you again Grace, warmer brighter days are on their way, I’m going to get a couple of bird feeders and see how many different types of birds visit them, have you got a bird feeder?

    Byeeee Derek

  5. You must have some special people in your life who make these wonderful things happen! Perhaps God is prompting them! Enjoy!

  6. Super hat for out in the snow! Did Guvna B do any rapping for you? Perhaps you could try to compose a piece of rap?! I’ll be listening out for it!

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