(Day +82) Allo Mate!!!!

Yesterday A famous Christian rapper called Guvna B came to our house. He got me a bag, beanie hat, a pom pom hat, a book and a jumper but that fits Liv. I loved him coming it was so exiting! He was performing in West Brom but before he performed he came to see me. It was really nice of him to come. He also brought two of his friends, Michael and Harrison.


Here is the link to the book, so please buy it!! http://www.guvnab.com/unpopularculture/


(Day +82) Update

Hi guys, sorry I haven’t been posting. I’ve been at home since Christmas except for New Year’s Eve when I went in for 2 nights with a temperature. I do suggest getting an under-arm thermometer if you need one, as we found the ear ones weren’t very accurate.


I haven’t gone back to school yet but I’m having lessons at home every day for an hour or two, with the school teacher from Telford hospital and a TA from my school.


I go to BCH every Tuesday for a check up and my blood count is really increasing every time! In a few weeks time they will test for T-cells which are a type of white cell, and they allow me to go to public places and back to school when they are above 0.3


Thank you for reading my blog, I will post every so often and let you know if anything exciting happens.