(Day +33) Best weekend ever

Yesterday Dad came early and then a lady arrived to fit my wig, it was a total surprise and I loved it!








Then, for another surprise, I was allowed home for the weekend and I was so shocked!! My dog was really pleased to see me.








It was the best feeling, sleeping in my own bed. My cousin Lissy came to see me Saturday night and also Sunday afternoon, and we decorated the Christmas tree. My sister curled my hair and it looked beautiful.

38 thoughts on “(Day +33) Best weekend ever

  1. Absolutely love the wig 👍🏼😊. When I’ve come home from hospital, the first night in my own bed is always wonderful. Glad you had such a fab weekend. God is so amazing and you’v done miraculously well. Hooray 😃 xxx Lots of love and a big hug. J🤗

  2. Looking beautiful as always, lovely to see you wearing the long haired wig really suits you,
    Hope you had a great time at home,
    Sending love and lots of it
    Amanda, Andrew, Naomi and Esther .

  3. U look fabulous in ur wig and rlly suit it👌What do u think santa will bring u😉I am rlly looking forward to Christmas❤😘only 7 sleeps to go yay❤❤😘👌hugs and kisses xox

  4. Grace, you look so beautiful. We are so pleased for you that you came home for the weekend xxxx

  5. Wow Grace! What incredible news to be allowed home overnight- Barney must have nearly wagged his tail off!!! I love your wig- did you say you could keep it forever? You look so glamorous. Giant hugs from us xxx

  6. What a wonderful weekend for a wonderful young lady! You look amazing Grace and Barney looks really happy to have you home. This week will fly by and it will be Christmas before you know it! Thank you for sharing all this news and pictures. What a mighty God we have! Lots of love xx

  7. Hi Grace – I think your wig looks great – you look really nice. Sounds like you’ve had a very special weekend. Your dog looks very pleased to see you – him or her what’s he/she’s name?
    Love from Devon xx

  8. Hi Grace, it’s great to see that you’re getting better and it’s wonderful to see you so happy. Sending you lots of love over Christmas,

    Pete, Anna, Elsie and Nora xxxx

  9. Simply stunning!!! You look great. I am so glad you were able to come home for the weekend. I bet your dog was sooooooooo excited to see you. Did his tail stop wagging at all?! I am sure you decorated your tree beautifully.x

  10. Hoorah!!!! Bet going home for a night was ace!!!
    Your wig is amazing – lovely to suddenly have long hair! But you look beautiful without it too. You’re lucky to have a very nice shaped head!!! Nice Pj’s! 😉😉😉
    Love you xxx

  11. Grace, what fantastic news all round – so pleased for you, Mum, Dad and Olivia to have some time at home. And, the wig is amazing – I can see how happy it has made you. Lots of love to you all, Lisa, Brian and Joseph xxxx

  12. Love the new look, you look gorgeous grace. What a surprise, going home. Sounds like the best weekend ever xxxx

  13. Your hair looks GREAT!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hi Grace,
    What a great surprise, a weekend home and lots of love from Barney.
    Now that’s a seriously good hair style, I bet it keeps your head warm.

    I have a seasonal joke for you

    Knock! Knock!

    Who’s there?

    Mary and Abbey.

    Mary and Abbey who?

    Mary Christmas and Abbey New Year!

    God bless you Grace x

  15. How exciting! Your hair looks gorgeous, you look so cosy in your own bed and so happy to have your dog curled up beside you.
    I was thrilled to hear the news of your weekend at home from your Grandad. May you continue to get better and better.
    Love Val xx

  16. That really does sound like the best weekend ever… seeing Liv, decorating the Christmas tree and Barney cuddles 😍 so pleased you’re doing so well and your wig looks great xx

  17. Well i know where to come to borrow a wig for a night out!!!! its lovely Grace and so are you!!! The wig really suits you.All your friends will be be after it.
    Dear Barney I bet he was so excited to see you and have a fuss.
    I can imagine it being great with Liv and Mum and Dad.Back to normal for a while eh?All our prayers are working as you look fabulous.I know most of the people in church are praying for you.You are a very loved little girl. I hope your letter to Santa has been done and posted. What do you want for Christmas? What does Liv want?
    see you soon. Lots of love and blessings from us all

  18. That’s great news Grace, you can’t beat sleeping in your own bed, it must of been really lovely to be able to spend some time at home! I bet your dog nearly wagged it’s tail off when it saw you! Your hair looks brilliant, it really suits you.

  19. Wow grace looking amazing! Loving the hair looks brill. Must have been great to get home too and have doggy cuddles and own bed sleeping, hospitals are noisy places at night and nothing better than ur own bed. Keep going soon be home all the time x

  20. Oh Grace – what a busy week you’ve had!!! It’s amazing reading these updates and hearing about your adventures outside.

    But most importantly your trip home!! Barney looks very happy snuggled up with you.

    And your Wig looks fantastic – it’s so long and the fringe really suits you. You’ll have to post pictures as you try new styles out.


  21. Hi Grace
    What absolutely fantastic news! You look amazing in your beautiful wig.😀😀😀 I’m so pleased for you.

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