(Day +30) First outing

Today was the best day ever. My neutrophils have gone up and stayed up for 3 days because I had a booster drug to help on Monday. I was allowed out of my room and we went on 2 walks outside. It felt cold! It was different than being in my room, and I have sat and talked to the nurses for hours.

This is Clare and Tom

This is Sandra, she calls me Moaning Myrtle!

31 thoughts on “(Day +30) First outing

  1. I bet it was a real shocker for you going outside – must’ve been freezing after being in a warm room all that time.
    Keep on smiling little ‘un, must be nearly home time!

  2. Grace what great news! I’m so pleased for you. You’ve done so well. Sounds like you have some lovely staff there. I hear you have a nice teacher called Katie.x

  3. Hooooooooorraayyyyyy that’s brilliant news. Your on the up sweet cheeks xxxxxx now you can harasse the nurses xxxxxx

  4. Good job you’ve got your cosy hat. It’s freezing again tonight, but it’s meant to get warmer over the next few days. So you’ll enjoy your outings more! Very exciting!

  5. Hello Moaning Myrtle, oops sorry I mean Grace!!!:} only joking sweetie, what great news. I am feeling quite excite for you!! How lovely getting out into the fresh air, i bet it did feel cold!! Nice though to get out. If we get more snow you will have to go and pelt those nurses with snow balls!! too cold for that though.
    well my love prayers are being answered and you are slowly and surely getting well again. Music to our ears, so many people want you to get well soon,
    Take care sweetheart, hope you are soon well enough for visitors. Keep smiling.xxxxx

  6. That is fantastic news Grace, it must of felt wonderful being able to go out for not just one walk but 2, well done you!!

  7. I’m sooooooo happy!! I may camp outside the hospital just in case I can accidentally on purpose bump into you. Moaning myrtle no, Ella Maddel yes. Love you lots and lots. Xx

  8. Great news Grace! Good job you had a hat though – but I guess it was worth experiencing the chill just to be out there!!

    Glad to keep reading your blog – love the photos -are they taken by you – except the ones you’re in of course!?

  9. Whoop whoop!! That’s great news!! Its very cold though, hope you got lots of hats ready for when you better and allowed out!! Sam was 11 yesterday so he was very excited, he got lots of presents!
    Glad them neutrophils are behaving xx

  10. Cool ❄️⛄️😂
    Lovely big grin Gracie,😺
    am liking the hat
    I can’t believe you earnt your name moaning myrtle though🤭
    Simon says
    “ hey Gracie,
    Looking foreward to seeing you soon
    I would have liked to go sledging when the snow was thick but I couldn’t because I have just had an operation on my shoulder 😕”

  11. hi grace hope you are OK hope to see you soon just so you know you are a brave girl going through this at 8 years old and i glad you are still happy
    from Georgia and harrison

  12. That’s such GREAT news Grace… your neutrophils are up & you’ve been allowed out!!Hope you enjoy all the outings from your room and having more space and freedom and more people to chat to! You have been very patient 🙂

  13. Hi Grace – sorry Ive missed a couple of posts, but things have moved on in a very big way in a very short time – well done, and what a relief to be able to get out and get some of that fresh, Shropshire air, albeit cold; thank goodness for your woolly hat!
    Looking forward to the next instalment, Lisa, Brian and Joseph xxxx
    PS: this message comes all the way from Banff in Canada 🙂

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