(Day +25) Challenge

Last night Dad stayed over and I’d got a new kindle fire! And i have a challenge to drink 1.6litres a day! Today I had 1.735litres! It has been snowing a bit here but not as much as Bridgnorth. On Friday people from the Nutcracker/ Birmingham Royal Ballet(BRB) came and I spoke to them on the intercom.








This is Tiffany








This is Lyn








I miss the snow at home

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  1. Hi Grace! Wow – you met the cast of the ballet? How awesome. Next Christmas perhaps we could go and see the nutcracker? I’ve never been and would love it. Xx
    Hope Dad got you up and running on the kindle fire. Am sure you ended up teaching him how to use it 😉😉😉
    We have had a lot of snow in Stourbridge too. Martha’s Preschool is shut tomorrow so I’m up working as I can’t work tomorrow. Boring!!

    Big hugs xxxxxx😍😍😚😚😚😚😚☺

  2. More special visitors then! Did you tell them you dance?
    You have done well, drinking all that 🙂 It must feel good to be free from all your lines. Wow, a Kindle Fire, what a lovely surprise! Good to see some more of your nurses Grace, they look very nice. Hope you will have had a good night’s sleep by the time you read this, and your Mom or Dad too, whoever is there tonight. You’re being a very patient patient.
    Who hides in a bakery at Christmas?
    A mince-spy!
    Lots of love x

  3. Wow that is a lot of water to drink!!! Well done you….. A Kindle Fire sounds a fab pressie. Hope you have lots of fun with it. There was a lot of snow in Bridgnorth. Our dog Thabo didn’t like it much at first but he got used to it after his first walk.
    That visit from a ballet company sounds brilliant. How exciting!! I went to see a ballet once…. i think it was Swan Lake. Are you watching Strictly? I watched it last night. I think Debbie McGee will win. x

  4. We haven’t got our car out because of the snow, so we’ve been walking to get the shopping. Do you have lots of energy spare? Perhaps you could work out an exercise routine for you and your mum to do. Don’t do anything too difficult for her! That might make you thirsty enough to keep drinking all that fluid!

  5. How amazing that the Birmingham Royal ballet came and spoke to you. That is impressive. Well done on drinking the water. Xx

  6. Hi Grace, We missed you in the snow too. Our street is even deeper in snow than most as we’ve had less sun. I’m really glad to see you have a video and its definitely better for you to stay warm so you get better sooner. We went walking in the snow and my legs ached sooooo much afterwards. I had to eat three mini mince pies just to recover!

    Very jealous about your visit from the ballerinas – wow! We’re such ‘Strictly’ fans and I’d love to see them dance. Did they do any ‘moves’ whilst they were with you?

    Very well done with the water – I found it very hard when I was in hospital and you’re doing much better (you’re obviously an excellent patient). Big hugs from us both and a purrrrrrr from Percy xxxx (PS Just realised most of my posts haven’t had my name on so you’ll have to guess which ones are from me! I’ve written almost every time) x

  7. Hi Grace
    A Kindle Fire! Seriously good, I believe it can store book, videos and music too
    But for me a book is the most special – more special than a video. Why? because I think when you read a book you engage your imagination much more than a video.
    I read that you can store 1,000’s of books on a Kindle, that’s like your own private library.
    When we read it’s like looking through a window that can look in to anything and anywhere in the universe including the secret thoughts of the person who wrote it too.
    I do hope you get the chance to read a book or two. I remember two from when I was young, Emile & The Detectives and Stig of the Dump. My favourite one for now is Captain Correlli’s Mandolin. Do you have a favourite book?
    I hope you keep up the water drinking challenge!

  8. Wow! You got to meet the dancers from The Nutcracker, Georgia and I are ‘well jel!’

    The snow is very deep and it’s extremely cold today but you are better off in there, keeeping warm!
    Enjoy your Kindle fire Grace.
    Take care, lots of love xx

  9. Wow, a new kindle fire! You will be able to have so much fun with that, and a visit from BRB as well, hope you gave them some dancing tips! 1.735 litres, great job, well done you!!

  10. Hi Sweetheart,
    How luck are you seeing the nutcracker cast😱I have wanted to take the girls to it as they all love their ballet❤️And what lovely people finding time to come and see you💕and you’ve had a kindle fire sounds like you’ve had a fab day😍love you loads😘😘😘

  11. How existing to see the dancers from the Nutcracker Ballet. Almost as exciting as a Kindle Fire!
    Very pleased to hear that you continue to get better and look forward to seeing you soon.
    Elsie’s school was closed today as we have had lots of snow too.
    Lots of love.

  12. Hiya Grace, what a lovely surprise to be visited by the cast of the ‘Nutcracker’, i bet that was exciting.
    Well done drinking all that water, you seem to be doing really well Grace, so glad to hear.
    The snow has been lovely, but very cold. Georgia & Harrison have been off school today, and are off again tomorrow.
    They are enjoying the snow, and send all their love, they hope to see you very soon.
    Look after yourself, and keep us posted on your progress.
    Big hugs, love Julia, Warren, Georgia & Harrison xxxxx

  13. I once went to see the Nutcracker (Chris). The music is fantastic, by a Russian composer you can pronounce but not spell. You can get it on a CD.
    How nice to see all those lovely costumes!
    Keep on with the water!
    Lots of love from us.

  14. Hi there Grace – well done on the water drinking.

    What fun to have the ballet company come to visit.

    Shame your missing out on playing in the snow at the moment – but great to be snug in the warm

    Love from Devon

  15. Hey Grace, keep drinking that water. Your doing so well. What a lovely surprise seeing the crew from the Theatre. We think about you all the time. The Floyd family x

  16. Hi Grace, How lovely seeing the ballet dancers eh! I bet Liv was wishing she had been with you. They really are excellent dancers.
    Well I have to say I am really impressed drinking all that water, it is an area I struggle with, I never seem to drink enough! I do try though.
    Well we have had a lot of snow and no one can get out up our hill!! A couple have tried but they just spin, and struggle to get back up. We have not had any post or anything since Friday when it started.Nice for children, I love watching it now I am older. I do enjoy watching Deb’s boys playing snowballs though.Well sweetheart hope you feel well soon. Miss you. God bless you Grace

  17. Good morning Grace👍🏻
    It is really good how well you are doing
    is it a struggle for you to drink all that water or easy peasy when you set your mind to it?
    I would have loved to have met the cast from the Nutcracker ballet at your age 💃🏼🕺, I have seen the ballet ( a few times now) and think it is even more spectacular now as the stage sets are so amazing
    God bless

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