(Day +23) This week

Hi fans,

After a week of 0.1 neutrophils they went to 0.2 then 0.5 on Tuesday and on Wednesday. I was hoping they would be 0.5 or more again so I could come out of fully protective isolation but today they were 0.4😞 Hopefully they will go up again tomorrow but you have to have 3 consecutive days until I can come out of fully protective isolation.

This is one of my nurses called Vicky


And I’ve been unconnected from my lines because I’m taking all the meds orally I was having down my line. I don’t need my feed through my NG tube as I’m eating and drinking lots. I hope I can have my NG tube out soon.

35 thoughts on “(Day +23) This week

  1. Hi Grace. That is great news that your line has come out ( I heard that you were doing cartwheels round the room!? – well I can’t remember the last time I did a jolly cartwheeI!!! ) Will be praying specifically that the neutrophils go back up to 0.5 and keep going UP!!!! xxxx

  2. What a little superstar you are. Won’t be long till your out of isolation !! Doing absolutely brilliant xx

  3. Grace – well done for being able to be free of all your ‘lines’. This is fantastic news and another step in the right direction.
    The neutrophils are doing really well too and in no time, full isolation will be history.
    Keep up the good work – I look forward to reading all about your progress.
    Lots of love and hugs,
    Lisa, Brian and Joseph xxxx

  4. Great news
    We have been praying for you and will trust that the blood cells go up the right level and stay there for ever
    Love from
    John and Rachel

  5. Hi there Grace, It sounds like you’re doing very well, and those neutrophils are beginning to get their act together! Glad you’re eating well, no snacks will be safe from you soon – watch out crisps and hula hoops…. Grace is coming for you! We’re praying you can soon come out of isolation xxx

  6. You are so completely wickedy woo wah brilliant!!! Mega happy to hear all that little lady. What fantastic news. You are amazerbeams. Miss you so much but hopefully see you soon. Lots and lots of love. Xx

  7. Excellent news Grace. And hopefully those neutrophils will start to climb again very soon. You’re looking great. xx

  8. Hooray for you! What a superstar! Levels will soon be heading back up again and you will be out of that room and cartwheeling down the corridor! Ha, ha, we want a photo of that! You are looking great, and glad you’ve got paper chains and lights up. Lots of love from us both xx

  9. Praying you’ll have your NG tube out really soon. Lovely picture of you looking like an X!
    Nice to see your paper chains.

  10. Well done Grace. Sounds like your body is doing an amazing job at getting you better. Lily is looking forward to coming to see you as soon as you are out of isolation. Xx

  11. Hi Grace,
    This is one of your fans writing…
    Wow! You are doing so well! But of course because you’re so brilliant. Your nurse, Vicky, looks pretty awesome too. How’s your mum doing? Has she figured out how to read a book on that tablet yet?! And have you been dazzling her with more of your amazing magic tricks? The news here is that Rhiannon has been painting some walls and window frames this week and I’ve been at work. She also put together a bed for the spare room which she assured me was a perfect fit… after lots of back and forth, ‘to you to me’ it’s now sitting on top of the skirting boards – I think maybe her tape measure is broken! She says she’s going to shave a bit off the legs… what could possibly go wrong with that? Anyway, enough of this jibber jabber. It is so fantastic to hear how well you are doing. We think about you guys all of the time. Keep up the excellent work, brave lady. Lots of love, Loo xxx

  12. Great news Grace. Praying you get up to 0.5 really fast. Glad you’re eating again 🥘 Love the pink top and you big smile. Lots of love and a big hug 🤗. Jxxx

  13. Oh Grace, you must be REALLY looking forward to coming out of full isolation and seeing lots of people who can’t wait to see you!
    Well done taking your meds, and eating and drinking…hopefully the NG tube will be gone soon. Great decorations, you’re very crafty! Praying for your neutrophils to go up, with love x

  14. Amazing news Grace about your progress 😊, I pray you will be out of isolation very soon, keep smiling 😊 Kim, Chloe, Ben +Jess xxx

  15. Whoohoo!!!! Awesome news that the levels are on the up up up! We’re missing you and mum a lot so can’t wait until you are able to see more people. Go Grace!!! Xxxx

  16. Hi Sweetheart❤️, keep up the good work😉you are a little superstar🌟carnt wait to see you soon😍love you loads 😘😘😘💕💕❤️

  17. Hi Grace,
    Good to hear the neutrophils levels are going up, praying for a stable & steady increase in them to normal too
    Loving the pink slippers, your feet must be toast

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  18. Hi Grace,
    Really good news this week! Your Mum called me at school so she could tell Liv. We were so happy. Great that you can move about a bit more too. School got closed early today because of the snow. Lots of the pupils in Liv’s year were happy because they didn’t have to do an exam.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend and that you keep getting better.
    Love from Ms Barlow xxx

  19. Hi Gracie
    Greetings from a very chilly, festive Edinburgh
    Simon looked you up some Christmas jokes
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    Those were much better don’t you think?
    Sleep well sweet dreams
    Maybe you can dream up some good jokes of your own xx

  20. I’ve been waiting patiently for the next instalment of your news Grace. I like the star shape you made. 🤸‍♀️ Cartwheels in your room wow thats really impressive!

  21. Hello sweetheart, well I like the star shape you’re standing in! I hope you are feeling a bit better than last time I left message. Kieran was 0ff school yesterday and today.He came to us this morning and we put the tree up and made pizza, I often think of you and your cousins when we bake anything as I know you and your cousins love to bake, nice things too I love your biscuits!!! Hope it will be soon when you will be baking again,
    i am busy making a quilt for a niece for Christmas shes not very well and spends a lot of time in hospital.
    hope yout reading keep going up, praying for you sweetie, lots of love, Robin /Carol and Debs xxxx

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