(Day +42) Home at last

On Saturday I was discharged from hospital and when I got home my dog was really pleased to see me. I love being at home and just before Christmas as well.

Happy Christmas!!! I’ve got lots of presents! I hope you have a very merry Christmas as well.

Happy Boxing Day. Tomorrow I have got to get up at 6:30!!!! To leave at 7:00 to get to BCH for 8:30!! I’ve got to go to BCH for a clinic and to have a blood test and if my bloods are fine and I’m ok then I’ll be able to go back home. I don’t mind getting up early because it’s better than being in hospital!


(Day +33) Best weekend ever

Yesterday Dad came early and then a lady arrived to fit my wig, it was a total surprise and I loved it!








Then, for another surprise, I was allowed home for the weekend and I was so shocked!! My dog was really pleased to see me.








It was the best feeling, sleeping in my own bed. My cousin Lissy came to see me Saturday night and also Sunday afternoon, and we decorated the Christmas tree. My sister curled my hair and it looked beautiful.

(Day +30) First outing

Today was the best day ever. My neutrophils have gone up and stayed up for 3 days because I had a booster drug to help on Monday. I was allowed out of my room and we went on 2 walks outside. It felt cold! It was different than being in my room, and I have sat and talked to the nurses for hours.

This is Clare and Tom

This is Sandra, she calls me Moaning Myrtle!

(Day +25) Challenge

Last night Dad stayed over and I’d got a new kindle fire! And i have a challenge to drink 1.6litres a day! Today I had 1.735litres! It has been snowing a bit here but not as much as Bridgnorth. On Friday people from the Nutcracker/ Birmingham Royal Ballet(BRB) came and I spoke to them on the intercom.








This is Tiffany








This is Lyn








I miss the snow at home

(Day +23) This week

Hi fans,

After a week of 0.1 neutrophils they went to 0.2 then 0.5 on Tuesday and on Wednesday. I was hoping they would be 0.5 or more again so I could come out of fully protective isolation but today they were 0.4😞 Hopefully they will go up again tomorrow but you have to have 3 consecutive days until I can come out of fully protective isolation.

This is one of my nurses called Vicky


And I’ve been unconnected from my lines because I’m taking all the meds orally I was having down my line. I don’t need my feed through my NG tube as I’m eating and drinking lots. I hope I can have my NG tube out soon.

(Day+17)Surprise visitors

Wow what an interesting few day’s I’ve had. Today my consultant Ray is having some time off where I am so Dr Lawson is taking over but Ray will still come and visit me. I had some surprise visitors which were Jackie from Telford and Dr Cowley from Telford as well. Dr Cowley came into the room and showed me some new animal pictures. He showed me a picture of him hugging the monster from the John Lewis advert but Jackie spoke through the intercom. Now I don’t know who has the best pictures. So who has the best animal pictures?…