(Day-3) Day 4 of chemo

I Had a lovely day practising and showing magic tricks. I chatted with my new friend who is next to me on the bay called Laraib. My Chemo is now finished for today! later on I felt very sick and poorly but i managed to get some sleep. i still don’t feel well.


Today I went to a singing group in the playroom and we were being filmed to go on children in need on the telly and me and the other people were interviewed.
In the afternoon Isla went home for the weekend and I went to school. We had a pretend war and we got wet and then we made a poppy, and had a two minutes silence. Then I went back to my bed and did some magic tricks.

Then I went to see my isolation room and I liked it.

(Day -6) Treatment starts

Grace started chemotherapy treatment today, to clear what remains of her bone marrow before the transplant next week. It made her feel ill for a few hours, with a high temperature, but she was feeling much better this evening.

(Day -7) Birmingham

I woke up this morning and we had to pack and get ready to go to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. When we got here I got a bed by my friend Isla.

Thank you to everyone at church for all my presents,I love them.

(Day -10) Home

Today (Saturday) I came home and I was very happy. When I got home my dog was very happy to see me. I got a present from Ian at Wild Heart and I loved it, it was a lovely warm pompom hat… thank you Ian!

(Day -13) Birmingham

Today I got up at 5:45 to go to birmingham to have one of my ovaries taken out.

I was put to sleep and when I woke up I went to a side room in medical day care. There I was really sick because when I was asleep they gave me a lot of a strong pain killer, IV (through my wiggly) which made me sick. Then they gave me anti-sickness but it didn’t work because of how much pain killer they gave me.

After a bit I felt better😊👍 but then I got two temperatures of 37.9 and I had a headache and felt sick again😞 and I was sick once but quite allot👎😖

Then I moved to ward15 which is where I’ll be going to have the chemo before the transplant. And I’d cheered up and I was wheeled in the bed to ward15.

I was put on 48hour antibiotics and fluids. After a bit I had some toast and hoopla hoops. Then I went to sleep.

(Day-15) Telford

Today I went to Telford but at 1:30 because there was a delay getting my platlets.
I saw Lauren one of my friends and Rupert but he was happy because he was going home And me and Lauren carved a pumpkin. One side whith her design and the other side with my design on.

When we got home my sister did Halloween makeup and ripped up one of here old school topps and put red and pink on it because latter we were going round next door for a Halloween party.

For tea my next door neighbour, Rhiannon did toad in the hole. Then I did her make up. After my other next door neighbour, Lou came and so did my Dad.