(Day +13) Magic tricks

Today it has been busy. And my white cell count has come up a bit but not my neutrophils. I’ve managed to eat a bit more and one of the nurses called Sandra made me laugh. My hair hurts some times as it’s quite spikey. I’ve learnt some new magic tricks.


This is the school teacher Katie.






This famous rapper called Guvna B who does a Christian camp that I wanted to go to but I was too ill to sent me a video message.


I had a chat with the ward manager Vikki.

24 thoughts on “(Day +13) Magic tricks

  1. Hi Grace it’s great to see the magic trick, Zak has competition now. 😀Loved seeing you on video.
    Pleased all is going well. Thinking of you. X

  2. My goodness you have had a busy day! So glad to hear that your count is improving! Brilliant! And so good that you are eating a bit more. Ace! Wow you are becoming a brilliant magician! Look forward to seeing some tricks when you come home. Praying for you, loads of love xx

  3. Hi Grace, you will need to audition for Britain’s got talent when you are home!!!! Magicians 🎩 do really well. I am glad you are feeling better to manage all this in one day. 😍😍

  4. Grace!
    That was some trick! seriously clever I have to say.
    And Governor B sending you a video too, you must be so pleased with that.
    Finally, hope you are ok still having lessons from your own private teacher Katie, I hope she is fun to be with
    Derek & Christine xx

  5. Hi Grace, how are you my love. Well my lovely he tricks are amazing you will be able to stand under the market and do some busking!!! I so enjoyed your giggles on this video, they were good to hear.I expect your hair is spikey as its very thick. beautiful like you!!! I am looking forward to seeing your wig. My sister had wigs after her chemo. she said it was easy to get out of bed and then pop it on without any worry about getting it right!!
    i have a lovely new mobility scooter and took my nieces out on it on Saturday, they were moving to a new house so we looked after them.I ached so much on Sunday I didn’t make church. Bea is 3 years, Sunny is 18 months and Blue- Belle is just 6 months. love them to bits. They would love to play with you when you’re better. Get well soon. Lots of love, Robin, Carol and Debbie.xxxx

  6. Hi there Grace – loved your magic trick – well done!
    Good that you’re managing to eat a little more.
    I guess as I type this you are sleeping 💤💤 so I hope you get a good and restful nigh.
    With love from Devon 💕 xx

  7. Hi Sweetheart 💕looks like you are keeping everyone busy and entertaining them with your magic tricks😉👍🏻They are magic tho🌟Sooo Happy you are coming on so well as Lissy is missing you and wants to see you💕I hope you are keeping Mum under control 🤔😂love you loads 😘❤️❤️❤️Xxx

  8. Hi Grace
    I loved watching your magic trick – very impressive. I enjoyed watching both videos. I think it’s very clever the way you put the whole blog together, you must be quite a wiz with technology.

    Praying you will keep on getting better and better.

    Love Val xx

  9. Hi Grace wow you are so cool and rocking the magic wow a message from Guvna B that was awesome looking forward to seeing more of you
    I know you don’t always feel as well as you did yesterday and hospitals can get boring but you are amazing and doing really well
    Praying for your blood count etc to rise
    I did a really big thing for me yesterday I went on my own to naomi in Northampton by train🚆 I was really nervous as only been on a train about 10 times in my life but this was on my own for the first time and I did it got nervous in 🚝 Birmingham New street on way home and it was so busy as everyone was running and pushing I nearly fell down a flight of stairs as someone knocked me with their rucksack !!! 😬but I did it and will do it again “doing new things at 50”.
    take care sweetheart keep doing your magic and doing 👨‍🎓school work🤪
    Say hello to mummy too much love and a big big hug xxxxx

  10. Wow Grace! A personal message from Guvna B and a Christmas present, how lovely. Not only that, you’re doing mind boggling magic tricks. You are one smart young lady. Still 🙏🏻 and sending lots of 💗 and big 🤗s. Jxxxx

  11. Hi Grace, loved the magic trick. You really have talent. Good chance to practice. Look forward to seeing more in the future. Hope your results keep improving. Xx Cathy

  12. Thank you for showing us your magic tricks. Mummy did very well as the stooge!
    Sorry your head is so scratchy. It’s called designer stubble. Very fashionable!
    Love and prayers.

  13. Hi Grace 👋 glad things are still on the up with the blood – great news x
    The hospital is doing a grand job of keeping you busy and entertained – what a very special place 😘
    Keep smiling sweetie 🤗
    Lisa Brian and Joseph xxx

  14. Oh my gosh that is AMAZING!!!!!! You are soooooooo clever!
    How lovely to see a video of you. I miss you so much little lady.
    Your Mum was a good assistant huh!
    Are you gonna put her in a box and saw through it next?
    That’s kind of Guvna B to send you a message too. And doesn’t Vikki look like a nice friendly lady.
    Really hope you get better as soon as possible and we can play Grand Prix soon Ella Madel!
    Love you lots and lots.

  15. Hi Grace
    Loved your magic trick, you will have to teach me.
    Glad you’re doing well. They all seem really nice in the hospital.
    Keep up the good work Grace, we are all thinking of you.
    Georgia & Harrison send all their love, Meg also sends a big hug…
    Love Julia, Warren, Georgia & Harrison xxxxx

  16. Hi sweetheart.
    Love the magic tricks- you look very professional with that wand. Mum was seriously impressed – I could tell 😉. I love Rhiannon’s idea of sawing mum in half!!! Hee Hee.
    Big kisses xxxxxx

  17. Hellooooo little one
    Noah was always showing us card tricks when he was young and completely foxing us most of the time!
    You are no different,
    i have absolutely nooo idea how you did that and soooo smoothly too and I think mummy was taken in!
    It must have lifted your spirit to have a video message from Guvna B, especially after
    Lots of love from us both xx

  18. Hi Grace. Loving the magic trick… move over Harry Potter! What a cool message from Guvna B. Keep up the good work your doing and remember your an amazing person. Sending you our love xx

  19. Hello again Grace hope you are feeling okay. I was speaking to my mom and dad on the phone and they asked me to say hello to you from them – they live in Cyprus. My Dad is your Grandpa’s brother😀 They hope you are getting better and send you lots of love 💗. I was also speaking to my daughter Annie – who I’m sure you met once – she is on holiday in Thailand at the moment. She sends her love to you and hopes you will be well enough to be able to go home soon. I like the video of the magic card trick – maybe you would do the trick for me some time🤗
    Glad you are doing this blog and look 👀 forward to reading more about you getting better xxxx

  20. Hi Grace,
    This is Annie (Andrews daughter). I have seen your blog and glad you are starting to feel better! This blog is really cool, you seem to be post lots on here. I also had a stay at Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital, they are super friendly aren’t they! I look forward to seeing you continue to get better and also learn so new magic tricks.
    All the best
    Annie 💝

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