(Day +12) Lots of news

It’s been a busy few days here. The main thing is that my neutrophils (a type of white blood cell which help your immune system) have gone up to 0.1 so the bone marrow is starting to work!!!


Yesterday, my consultant Ray shaved off my hair as it was starting to fall out a lot. It made me laugh as it tickled. I’ve got some head scarves to wear as my wig won’t be ready for another 10 days.








I’ve felt quite well the last few days and have been eating a few things like carrots, chips, and dried mango.

24 thoughts on “(Day +12) Lots of news

  1. Hi Grace, I think your new look haircut/shave is very cool! It’ll be really fun to try out headscarves and the wig when it comes. Glad you’ve been eating some tasty things – I love mango (fresh, dried or any sort).
    Hurray for your neutrophils! That’s very good news 😆

  2. Hooray hooray hooray for the BEST bone marrow ever!!!! Well done Liv!
    This is fantastic news.
    Grace, you look super awesome. I love the pic of the head scarf mum sent me, with the fluffy bobble on the side. Beautiful.
    I’m going to London tomorrow for three days to hang curtains and blinds in a HUGE apartment. Will text you some photos.
    BIG hugs to you and mum. Aunty Mary xxx

  3. Brilliant bone marrow!! Soon have you fully fit and well again. And you looking gorgeous as ever with or without head scarves…..though you may need to wait wear a hat when you get out, its getting a bit cold

  4. Wow that is awesome news about the bone marrow starting to work!!! Your new haircut looks cool. I shave Johns hair every weekend and he says it tickles too…. I am sure your headscarves will look super cool too. Looking forward to some scarf photos soon…x

  5. Fantastic news Grace, good on Liv giving you super duper bone marrow! That’s a super cool hair cut you have too! At least your consultant Ray has another job to fall back on if he ever fancies a change!

  6. Ooh, that’s great news! We were just talking about whether you would have been eating more lovely things and you have – orange food! Our favourite!
    Well done Liv, we always knew your bone marrow was going to be the very best.
    Can’t wait to see your new wig – does your head feel different now? Keep it cosy warm with lots of pretty scarves and hats. Big hugs special girl xxx

  7. Hi Grace….you look ace! I don’t think you need the wig or scarves….but you are sooo pretty! and that amazing smile. xxx it’s brill news ‘re your bloods….you’ll soon be feeling so much better….then I think you’ll have lots of fun with your ace big sis….whos given you the bestest bone marrow ever….fab news it’s working already….and you are in the best place too….lots of love and hugs to you and your mum. xxx enjoy your snack foods….cant wait to see more piccys…. think your Dr will have to help your aunty Mary…in the salon! (don’t tell her I said that! or him!) lol.xxx

  8. Well little Princes why bother with head scarfs you could paint you head, that way you could have any colour hair. With bone marrow of that quality I think your mum and dad should start taking orders! Isn’t it wonderful what all that prayer has achieved with your help.
    Lots of love
    Papa & Nanny panny

  9. Great to see you looking better Grace, and wow, 0.1 neutrophils! That’s the best news today! Thanking God for this wonderful news. Well done Liv xx

  10. Really good news Grace. You look gorgeous. It’s sounds like you have a great team working with you. Keep smiling you are doing so well. X the Floyd Family

  11. You look sooooo good! What a super consultant to do that for you! Glad you are trying some food now – a jammy dodger I hear! Bob said he would like one of those! How’s the knitting coming on? Praying for you Princess. Our God is a great big God! love you loads xx

  12. Your shaved head looks very cool Grace – I like the comment above about painting your head!!! I bet you’ve got some fun looking scarfs.

    Did you suggest your Dr shaves his head to? 🤣 Maybe you could offer to do it!!!

    Fantastic the magical bone marrow is working xxx

  13. Morning Sweetheart , Fab news😊clearly Livs quality bone marrow😍❤️😘💪🏻I could do with your Doctor at our shop🤔what do you think?😂You certainly look beautiful 😍love you loads😘😘😘xxx

  14. Hiya Grace – sounds like your sister provided super special marrow. Great to have such a special sister. Put some photos on (sort of like a fashion show!) with your different headscarves. Gosh which will you choose to be a fashion model or a seriously top TV star 😎👠🖥⭐️!
    Love from Devon

  15. Great news about your bone marrow…well done both you and Liv….magic always happens for special people xx and I think having your hair shaved looks great, it just shows off your beautiful smile even more 🙂 keep blogging xx xx

  16. Great news about the bone marrow. I’m sure you’ll find fun ways to wear the scarves whilst you wait for the wig.
    Enjoy the chips and mango. Mango has to be one of the most delicious fruits.

    Love Val xx

  17. You look wonderful Grace.

    The bone marrow must be super bone marrow as it’s from your amazing sister, so I’m not surprised it’s working! 😀

    Love The Tew’s xxx

  18. It’s a good job you’re in a warm place because we’ve had some really cold weather, another frost tomorrow! If you were at home you’d need your lovely new hat to wear! I’m quite excited at your bone marrow news so I’ll keep praying loads.

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