(Day +9)Eat and photos

Today I had my feed off and to eat I had rice crispies,a bit of a rich tea biscuit, some macaroni cheese and a potato wedge, and jam sandwich but I didn’t like most of them as my taste buds have changed. These are my doctors. I have  shown them my magic tricks.

This is my doctor Tom






This is Ray my consultant

20 thoughts on “(Day +9)Eat and photos

  1. Wow you are doing so well grace with your eating, just eat lots of little things that you fancy and let us know if you fancy anything. I am going to tell Isla all about how well you are doing, she’s still getting used to her tube.

    Loving your docters portraits you should try and sketch them!

    We are thinking of you lots and can’t wait to see you when you are all clear to come out and see us.

    Sending big hugs my lovely xx

  2. Really glad that you had your feed off today. Maybe if your taste buds have changed you will discover loads of new foods that you never tried before? Or may be foods that you never used to like will suddenly taste yummy….. and Hey your doctor Tom and Consultant Ray look really fun. I love Doctor Toms hair!!!!! Wicked!!! I hope they enjoyed your magic tricks. xx

  3. Hi Sweetheart❤️Wow that is the most you’ve eaten in ages😉well done you🤜🏻I’m sure you will get back to liking them😘your doctors look very happy👍🏻Love you loads 😘😘😘

  4. Hi Grace
    How strange that your taste buds are making food taste differently even though it’s the same food, but this could be a good thing – for instance I hate sprouts but they are good for me so I suffer and eat them, now if my tastebuds changed and sprouts tasted of chocolate Or chips then I’d be happy, however I guess this is not what’s really happening but it would perhaps be fun though
    Seriously though, great to see that you are eating, hopefully your taste buds will get back to normal soon
    Loved the doc pics too by the way

  5. Well done you! How interesting to discover new foods that you like, must be strange to eat things you used to like and now you don’t! Do let us know what you try next! Have you had hoola hoops yet?
    Hope that you had a good time with Liv and Dad xx

  6. Hi lovely girl,
    The doctors look like fun- you’ll be an expert in all things medical/physiological/biological by the end of this!!
    What a relief to have your feeding tube removed. I love macaroni cheese. Yummmmmmmy!!!
    Love you so much. Xxxxx

  7. Hi Grace. Glad you are managing to eat – strange how your tastes have changed! I hope you get something you enjoy everyday. 🍒🍓🍞🍟🥘🍰🍏🍎 Your Doctors look really nice.
    Love from Devon ❤️😊 and 🙏🏻‘s too xxx

  8. Hiya lovely little lady! That’s great news about your feed but it must have been a bit weird about your taste buds. I’m sure the doctors, (who all look very nice indeed by the way) will have already told you, but it seems this is a normal but temporary thing that can happen after stem cell transplant.
    Try not to worry.
    You’re not missing anything at Westgate drive. The drivealots have not bought a new car this week but have bought some bricks and timber. Tell your mum there is a pallet in their front garden I have my eye on.
    I am missing you so much but know that you are in good hands and know that this is all going to be over soon.
    Love you lots little lady.

  9. So pleased your feed is out,
    Your doctors Look so funny I betthey are fun to have around
    Keep up with your magic tricks you will be amazing as a magician
    Get daddy to bring you some Eurasia olives I am sure you would still love them lots of love sweetheart xxxx

  10. Hi Grace, It’s good to hear that you have been able to eat something, but sorry to hear how your tastebuds have changed, but as you try different things I’m sure you will come across some that will taste really yummy!

  11. Hello Grace, it’s really good you’ve been able to eat a little bit, it’s not easy is it when you haven’t eaten in a while, well done for persevering even though things taste different at the moment. Your doctors look happy, maybe you cheer them up! x

  12. Hello lovely Grace, I was SO happy to hear from your dad that you had eaten breakfast. I bet it tasted great. What did you have? He also told me that he won Battleships so you’ll need to get those lovely doctors and nurses to practise with you so you can sink all of his ships. Give mummy a very big hug from me – you are the luckiest girl in the world to have her. Huge hugs from Karen and Andy and a ‘Miaow’ from Percy xxx

  13. Hi Grace x
    so, the taste buds have changed! Maybe you will like frogs legs, snails and olives now! Gone are the sweeties, cakes and biscuits and in are the sprouts, swedes and turnips! Really though, I’m sure your lovely taste buds will come back after they have had a rest x Imagine all those foods you will be able to eat once you are better again. Haribos rule!!! Yay 🙊
    Still thinking of you lots and don’t forget, all those things will taste good again soon,
    Lots of love,
    Lisa, Brian and Joseph xxx

  14. Thank you for all the news. Still thinking of you and praying for you.
    Looking forward to the day when we see you back home!
    We liked the picture of Doctor Tom but why is he wearing a life jacket? I didn’t know the floods were that bad!!

  15. Hey Grace Ward, how you doing? Today I saw your dad who told me how well you are doing and how your Mum needs to get her technohead on and read a book on a tablet. I bet you could show her how to do that! I have been painting walls at my new house and Rhiannon went to Cardiff to watch Wales play New Zealand in the rugby. Your doctors look like nice people. I got the teenagers I am working with to make your mum’s no bake chocolate cake the other day… they loved it! One of them didn’t want to go back to school and I had to sprint after her which was quite funny for everyone else! I had my head cyst removed on Thursday – they took out a conker sized blob of orange fat cells, pretty gross huh? Rhiannon watched the whole thing and then told the doctor that he had missed a bit! We miss hanging out with you and are looking forward to seeing you soon. Take care, love Loo xxx

  16. Hi Grace – just checking in with how you are getting on. Sounds like you are making great progress. Well done you and love the pics:) Lisa xxx

  17. Hello Grace, we are friends of your Nan and Granddad. Don’t think we have ever met, but we have heard a lot about you. Hopefully the worst is over and you can now begin the journey to full recovery. I think you are a very brave little girl and so is your sister Liv for donating here bone marrow. Such good news that she was a match. We wish you all the best and your grandparents will keep us informed about your recovery progress 💕

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