(Day +7) Sleep and Dr Glow

Yesterday I had a bit of a temperature but I was ok. One of the consultants, Dr Velangi, brought his laptop to show me photos of when he went to Borneo. There were vipers, other snakes, crocodiles, little bears, scorpions, tarantulas, hornbill birds, elephants, starfish, and leeches. He has set a challenge for other staff to find better animal photos.

Today I have slept a lot and when I woke up a funny lady called Dr Glow the giggle doctor was here. She made a balloon model of me and made me laugh.

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  1. Love your happy photos today. So which was your favourite animal? When I lived in Africa I saw loads of different animals but thankfully NOT a tarantula!! One day I did have fried worms for a snack which was actually rather tasty. Love the balloon modelling. Dr Glow sounds a fun doctor!!! Glad you are feeling a bit better. Still praying for you lots.x

  2. Hi Grace – sounds like a fun day. What a lovely name Dr. Glow – makes me think of rainbows! Glad you had a good sleep and are feeling better. Which animal did you like best and which did you think the scariest?

  3. Hiya lovely little lady. That Dr Glow looks a right laugh! Did your Mum do a crossword on her shirt whilst she was making you a balloon model? Did you get to keep the model? Can it help you with your knitting – uncle Greg needs those socks for Liv’s Christmas present after all!
    And how lovely of the Dr to show you his photos. Did it make you maybe want to visit there? There’s so much to look forward to once this is all over.
    Love you lots little lady. Xxx

  4. Hiya lovely little lady.
    That Dr Glow looks like a right laugh!
    Did your Mum do a crossword on her shirt whilst she was making you a balloon model?
    Did you get to keep the model – maybe it could help you knit those socks uncle Greg wants for Liv for Christmas?
    That’s nice of the Dr to show you his pictures – did it make you maybe want to visit there? There’s so much to look forward to once this is over, shouldn’t be too long now.
    Love you lots little lady.

  5. Hi Grace x glad the temperature has now gone. Dr Velangi sounds like fun and the Giggle Doctor, well, she’s obviously there to keep everyone verrryyyyyyy haaaaapppppyyyyyy 😆
    In our thoughts, lots and lots.
    Lots of love big brave girl,
    From Lisa, Brian and Joseph xxx

  6. Hi Grace, what a lucky doctor to go to such an amazing place! Was he scared of any of the animals? I think the balloon lady arrived just in time! Glad to hear you had a big sleep. Lots of love from us 💕💞😘

  7. Hi Grace, the giggle lady looks really fun. Bet she made you laugh. What a lovely Dr showing you the photos. Sleep is the best medicine. Love The Floyd family.

  8. How nice to wake up to Dr Glow! Were the balloons veeery squeaky? Hate the noise they make when they are being twisted. Lovely to see the pictures, thank you for sharing. I knew you were very brave, but to look at pictures of tarantulas!!!!! Too scary! (Can you believe Ruth Smith ate fried worms! Who knew?).
    Love you loads princess xx

  9. Hi, Sweetheart,
    Wow what interesting doctors, and amazing holidays they have😍I think I’d like to do their job😉👍🏻Making people laugh and showing pictures sounds amazing❤️Your looking fab too😘love you loads😘😘❤️

  10. Yay to crazy giggly doctors I think. Make sure you rest lots and come and see us soon my lovely, I need your Skype address soon, big hugs sweet cheeks xxx

  11. Hi Grace
    Dr giggle sounds great and what a fun job to have too
    The animal pics sound great and hard to beat too
    I went scuba diving earlier this year and have some pictures of sharks that I took, but I’m thinking I’d prefer a shark to pop out at me than a grea big spider!

  12. Hornbills sound ok, maybe the elephants. Not sure about the rest! We’re timid Brits, only travel to Sweden, where you get moose (they call them elks) and red squirrels. Quite safe!
    Praying for good sleep, and a good day tomorrow!

  13. Hi Grace. Sounds like you had a brill day. I must say, when you pull your tongue out, you look just like your mum 😂. Still praying and sending lots of love and big hugs 🤗. Jxxx

  14. Hi Grace🤗
    Sorry it’s a late reply😑
    Only just got your post out here in the wilds of Shropshire!🌲🌳☘️🌱🌿🍃🍂🍁
    What kind Drs. you have,
    Do you fancy a trip to Borneo or not? 🤔
    I think you could do coz you have proven yourself to be a very brave girlie.😇
    Lots of love
    Have a good day sweetie

  15. What lovely doctors you have. Glad they’ve been making you happy and helping you to feel better.
    Praying you’ll continue to get better & better.
    Love Val x😊

  16. Hello Grace, I know you don’t know me – we have never met – I’m your mom’s and Aunty Mary and uncle Ken’s cousin- I live near Dudley. I think you have met my daughters Ellie and Annabelle who you saw at the Vineyard at Halfpenny Green. I’ve heard a lot about you because I meet Aunty Mary and she tells me about you. I hope you are feeling a lot better and you will be well again soon. I’m very proud of you and Liv, you are both very brave girls and I’m proud that I can call you my family.

    1. Yey. I have just told Grace all about my cousin Andrew and how we used to laugh👍😂 I have a few stories to tell her about when we use to meet up at nana and grandpa’s and your infectious, naughty laugh. 😂😂
      Anita x

      1. I seem to remember Anita we were always getting into trouble for laughing all the time. We just had that effect on each other. I’m hoping everything goes well for Grace and the procedure is a success. You must be very proud of both your daughters – they are both being very brave 😀 xxxx

  17. Well little sweetie it sounds pretty ace in hospital with ‘laugh doctors’ and ‘make you well doctors’. I wonder if there are any ‘give you sweets nurses’. At school the stage is up in the hall ready for the Christmas Play that the years 1 & 2 are practicing hard for. They are going to borrow one of the dolls you have played with at our house for baby Jesus. Last week your teacher came back. With all the winds yesterday the leaves have nearly all come of the trees so the paths are thick with them. The teachers ask me every day what news of you and how are you, so you are very popular.
    thinking and praying for you and mum. God bless. Papa & Nanny Panny xx

  18. Making people laugh sounds a good idea. I expect you’re quite good at that too, although making balloon models is a bit tricky! I’ve just remembered a joke:
    What is the fastest cake?
    A Scone( make it sound like ‘it’s gone’)!
    Have you got any good jokes? – Better than mine I hope!

  19. Hi Grace, I hope your temperature has gone down today and that you have felt okay. Your blog is really good, thanks for posting the photos, it’s good to see what’s going on in your room! I heard a joke today that made me laugh and think of you:
    How many tickles does it take to tickle an octopus?
    Ten tickles! 🙂

  20. Hi Grace, I love the sound of Dr Giggle.
    I’m glad that you are feeling a little better and managing to eat. Which are your favourite coloured Skittles? Mine are green and red ones.
    Olivia has been great this week. She came with me on a trip to Shrewsbury yesterday to look at jobs in hospitals.
    Do you know what colour wigs you’ll be having? Olivia said you will have the fitting just before she does her mock exams. ( I hope I got that right!)
    Last year I had to wear a grey and black wig when I was in the Panto. This year I am a mermaid in the Panto, what colour wig do you think I should get? Have a good weekend.
    Love from, Ms Barlow xxxx

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