(Day +5) Mixed weekend

Yesterday was a good day, Grace felt well and happy to see her Dad and sister.


Today hasn’t been so great, Grace was sick this afternoon and unfortunately her tube came out and needed re-inserting. She’s been very tired and slept most of the afternoon and evening.


Overall though, she’s doing very well for this point in her treatment.

16 thoughts on “(Day +5) Mixed weekend

  1. It can seem a bumpy road I’m sure at times for everyone. Little steps and eventually you will get there. Thinking of you xx.

  2. Holding you all in prayer and trusting that you will know peace. You are doing so well, all of you, just keep hanging on. xx

  3. Dear Grace I’m so sorry your time at the moment is a bit horrible, but great to know that overall things are going in the right direction though.
    Christine & I send our love to you, your mum, dad & sister

  4. Hi Grace, really sorry that you have not had a very good day today, trust and pray you will have a better day tomorrow. Love to you and all the family from Barb and myself.

  5. Morning Sweetheart 😘lets hope today is going to be a good one😉then you can send Mum on missions round Birmingham for you👍🏻Love you loads😘❤️Xx

  6. What a nuisance to feel bad! Unfortunately there are often bad things on the way to good things, but I’ll pray that the bad times won’t last too long and you’ll have good bits as well.

  7. Sorry to hear that the weekend was a bit of a mix – hope you soon recover from the not so good, feeling/being sick etc. You and your family are in thoughts and prayers. May you all be at peace.

    With love,
    from Devon

  8. Hi there Grace. sending you lots of love hugs and prayers. I am soooo pleased you saw your dad and Liv. really hope you feel loads better really soon. You are one very special little lady in lots of peoples hearts and prayers….. youve even been in my dreams!! Did your mum tell you?! lol, xxxx 😉
    Saw you on tv clip! you are sooo ace. xxx

  9. Lovely Grace, you are brave and funny and clever and beautiful. I hope today is better for you and we are really gald the treatment is going well, even if it is making you feel a bit rotten at the moment.

    I hope we can do some baking at Rhians over Christmas sweetheart, you won last time!! We have been making gingerbread houses but they are a bit wonky and we could probably do with your help to be honest.

    Loads of love from all of us
    Syriol Iona and Aneira

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