22 thoughts on “(Day +1) I’m On TV

  1. Grace! – you’re famous! You spoke really well but I wished I could hear you sing. What amazing singing ladies! Mary xx

  2. How very exciting – you really are a superstar! I have seen Ex Cathedra in concert and they were incredible. How lovely to have them come and sing for you.

  3. Hiya Grace. Doh! I put a couple of posts on day “0” sorry! I don’t know how to move them but you should be able to see them there. Lots of love little one. Xx

  4. We watched your TV debut at homegroup tonight. Fantastic!!! We would like a signed photo of you please! Those music ladies were awesome and had us all singing along (some of us were more in tune than others it has to be said!) Keep smiling.xx

  5. Oh I love having a tv star for a friend! Well done lovely Princess and loved the t-shirt. Must have been hard to choose what to wear for your tv appearance! Brilliant xx

  6. Heeeeyyyy Grace!
    Great to see you on the TV
    Those ladies were great singers
    Hope you and your sister are feeling well today

  7. Wow Grace! You are a celebrity! You are a natural STAR!. Such lovely singing. Sending love and prayers to you and Olivia and all the family

  8. 15th November 9.25am Watching now! Wow I now know a super star! Great to see you on TV Grace.
    I love your blog –
    With lots of love to you, Olivia and your family,
    from Devon

  9. Hello Grace, hope you are feeling ok. I saw you on the smart board at school today. Our teacher said you will be home in 4 weeks, in time for Christmas. That is good to hear!
    From Bayley

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