(Day -1) Bone marrow harvest

A long, tough, but ultimately successful day today.

Olivia underwent 90 minutes of surgery this afternoon to extract 600ml of bone marrow. The procedure went well, she is very sore but was still able to stop for chicken nuggets on the way home! She made her parents very proud today.

Grace felt a little better today, was only sick twice, but had to endure having a NG (feeding) tube pushed up her nose and down her throat. In fact, she had to go through this twice as the tube came out this evening. Due to her nausea she has not eaten for two days, so this tube is very important for her to get all the nutrients she needs to keep her strength up. She was extremely brave both times, and hopefully she will soon get used to it being there.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is transplant day, which should be a lot more straightforward in comparison to today.

25 thoughts on “(Day -1) Bone marrow harvest

  1. Hi sweetie. So very proud of you, you are an amazing young lady and so is Olivia. We will be praying for you tomorrow (today!) and the rest of the family. Still sending love and hugs and praying that we can give you a proper one very soon. God bless you and keep you very safe. Jxxx 😘🤗🙏🏼🙏🏼😎

  2. What a pair of superstars you are! Well done Liv, glad you got your chicken nuggets! Have a good rest tonight.
    What a brave girl you are Grace – tube sounds yuk but it’s important and I know that you will try your very best. Praying for you today especially. God bless xx

  3. What a pair of superstars!!! Liv – we are all proud of you beautiful girl…see you later xxxxxx
    Grace you were very brave having the tube fitted twice. I hope once you get some nutrients in you it will help the sickness. Love you xxx
    And well done mum and dad….not an easy day..xx

  4. Well done Olivia, you truly are an angel. Grace you are a little superstar and doing so very well. You are in our thoughts and we are sending lots of love and hugs. The Floyd family x

  5. What two amazingly awesome gutsy girls!! Well done both of you. We continue to pray, pray and pray again for all of you.xx

  6. Good morning lovely Grace and all your wonderful family, we have thought about you all so much and especially today. I hope I’d be as brave and amazing as you if this was me. That tube sounds horrible and you can’t fit hula hoops down something like that 🙂 We’ll be with you all day today. Big hugs from us both xxx

  7. Morning Grace😘What a day yesterday was😰well done to all for getting through it🤜🏻I hope Livs isn’t felling too sore today😩So proud of you two Girls😍😘I will be thinking of you all today 💕and hopefully now you’ve got the tube in you can start getting stronger💪🏻🤜🏻Love you all 😘xxx

  8. Olivia, words can not describe how wonderful you are. Grace is so brave. I am pleased it is all going well. Love to you all xxxx

  9. Well done Olivia and Grace – what a hard day you both had yesterday, but you managed it, you are fantastic! Hope today is a bit easier for you, sending love and prayers 😊 Mary xx

    1. Well done Liv, what a beautiful and extremely brave thing you have gone through for your sister, it would of been so easy to of said you can’t go through with the procedure, but you said yes and you are a superstar in my eyes, very very well done you are a very brave young lady I am in awe of you doing this and having to have a week off school in this your extremely important year never mind going under anaesthetic and having doctors drill into your hip bones to harvest bone marrow you are truly an awesome girl well done.

      Grace sorry to hear you have been so very poorly from your chemo it will be so worth it after to receive Livs bone marrow and we pray it all works out right
      Tubes up your nose is not nice at all I hope you get used to it soon as it will carry good strong stuff to your tummy to make you stronger so you can grow stronger I hope your feeling better today and you will have a good day today in your new isolation room take care sweetheart big but gentle hugs just for you xxxxxxxxxx

  10. Hi Oliva and Grace, you are both amazing I am not sure I would be that brave. Hope you feeling less sore now Olivia and masses of luck to Grace for today xxxx😍😍😍😍

  11. You are both so very brave and tough! Will be praying for you today Grace, hoped you enjoyed the chicken nuggets yesterday Liv!

  12. Well done Grace. It must have been horrible for you having the tube put in place but we’re sure you will feel better when you have something nutritious inside. We will be thinking of you today and looking forward to seeing you when you feel better. You and Olivia are so lucky to have one another and we’re so proud of you both.
    All our love and best wishes

  13. Gosh what brave soldiers you two are. Grace, really hope you feel better as soon as possible. Liv well done you, hope you’re not so sore today. Can’t wait for this all to over and a dim and distant memory. Xx

  14. Well done, to both you lovely brave girls. Glad you got chicken nuggets on the way home Olivia. The tube sounds yuk, Grace – but you need it so very well done you for coping. Praying for you all.
    Love, prayers and a big hug from, Devon ❤️🙏🏻🤗 x

  15. well done both of you.now time for you both to get better.little shakey misses you both and is looking forward to a quiet day of cuddles at home.hes been a good boy grace.please get better soon grace I need some more it lessons.love you both.god bless xx

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