(Day 0) Transplant Day!!!!

Today I am feeling better, I haven’t felt or been sick at all. I have had 2 bags of my sister’s bone marrow, it’s like having a blood transfusion but smaller bags. Here’s a picture of me with one…

I did some magic tricks for the nurse…

I’ve had a feed going through my NG tube, I’m getting a little more used to it now. I’ve slept a lot today.

49 thoughts on “(Day 0) Transplant Day!!!!

  1. Well done Grace! You have been fantastic. All that sleep will be doing you the world of good too. We will keep praying. God bless you brave little girl. x

  2. That is such good news that you are feeling better!!! Lovely to see you smiling. Goodness me that is mighty big bag of bone marrow!! We keep praying for you.xxx

  3. You girls are awesome! I felt giddy just looking at the picture! Us boys are rubbish with needles. Speedy recovery to you both.

  4. Wow your gonna be an amazing magician with all this practising. Glad the transplant went well, very special sister bond now!! Keep up the smile, your doing so good x

  5. Well done Grace. You are doing so well. Lovely to see you smiling. Each day is a step closer to feeling better. The Floyd family x x

  6. Hello sweetheart. so pleased you sent this as I don’t know how to get to blog!!!!I shall have to get you to show me how to do all these new things.
    Being a magician for the nurses eh? I bet they love that. You’re learning lots of new things while sitting in bed aren’t you?
    I must say I think you are so very brave and Liv too! what special sisters you are. Not many sisters share bone marrow. I had a tube down my nose and throat last year, funny sensation isn’t it?
    Did Liv stay in hospital or long with you?
    Nanny is enjoying having Barney, she said he is being ever so good. I expect he gets excited when he sees you as he likes to be with you doesn’t he. y neighbour went to Birmingham hospital today, they said it is so busy its like a busy town! Look forward to seeing you soon. Get well soon sweetheart. Robin Carol and Debbiexxxxx

  7. How brave you are Grace, and Liv too. So glad to hear you are feeling better than the last few days. Thinking of you lots and praying lots for you. I hope Liv is feeling better soon too. With love, sleep well x

  8. Well done, so glad that the sickness has eased off today. So, what’s your magician name? Miss Super Star? You will have to teach me some tricks soon. Hope you have a good sleep tonight and mum too x

  9. Glad to hear you’re a bit better. We hope you and the nurse enjoyed doing the magic tricks. God will heal you, and that’s better than any magic trick!
    We pray that you and Olivia will sleep well tonight, and feel even better tomorrow.

  10. Hey Grace, That’s great news that you are no longer feeling sick, and that you’ve had all that good bone marrow. Keep up with the magic tricks you never know when it will come in handy, like making your home work disappear!! 😉

  11. Awh Grace I’m sooooooo happy you’ve felt better today and not been sick. That bone marrow looks like a really good stuff and I’m sure it’ll do the trick. Talking about tricks …can’t wait to see you doing a magic trick soon. Really glad you like the set. I’m in Birmingham tomorrow in case you fancy a visit. Sending you all my love. Rhiannon.

  12. Lovely to see you smiling my little soldier, Livs is amazing too 💕sooo proud of you both, and love you both loads 😘xxxx

  13. Grace, we were thinking about you today and it looks like you cruised through the day like a professional – well done x
    A big hug to you and Olivia, and of course, your Mum and Dad, who I know will also need a hug (((hugs)))
    Stay brave,
    Lisa Brian and Joseph xxx

  14. Great to hear you have had a good day. You can look forward to feeling better now. Lots of love to you and Liv xxx

  15. Saw you on the news this morning Grace…brilliant! I hope everyone gets behind children in need and donates as much as they can 🙂 lots of love xx

  16. Hi Grace, glad you are feeling a bit better. We have all been thinking about you and Olivia the last couple of days. I think Georgia is seeing Liv tomorrow after school finishes. Keep up the magic tricks, and amaze us all when we next see you. Xxx

  17. I’m afraid I’m always a bit behind everyone else with writing to you! I have realised though, in looking back over your blog, how much you’ve been through in such a short space of time! I’m looking forward to seeing all the things you get up to when you’re feeling well! You’ll be keeping us all busy anyway reading about it all. Thank you! We’ll carry on praying for you.

  18. Hello Grace,
    You are on my mind such a lot and Praying for you even in the shower this morning ☺.
    Wonderful bag of precious blood for very special little girl xx
    Veronica Roddy

  19. Hi Grace..so happy to hear that you are feeling better.Wow what a brave girl you are, I like the picture of you holding Liv’s bone marrow, what an
    amazing pair of sisters you are
    Love and prayers little one
    From Carol ( Riding) x

  20. Grace you are so Brave and a total superstar. The nurses look very impressed by your magic tricks 😄

    We’ve just seen your interview on TV!!! Your famous 😄 Jack couldn’t believe you were on TV – he asked if your related to prince Harry because his family are always on TV 😂. The singing looks like so much fun.

    Glad you’ve managed to have lots of sleep


  21. Hiya Grace! We’ve just watched you on tv!! Wow you were brilliant! Thought what you said was excellent and your singing and musical instrument playing was epic!! So is it gonna be a music career, a medical one or you gonna be a magician! All this aged 8. Wow!! Oh and there’s always the slime balloons to make and sell as a money raise too. Please remember me when you’re famous!! Lots of love. Xx

  22. Ps for anyone who wants to see the story it’s on iPlayer BBC local news 6.30pm today. You can move the bar along to the story at about 21 mins. Xx

  23. Hi grace
    How brave are you and how fantastic to hear about how Liv has been able to help her little sister.
    Take care little one. Say hello to Liv. God bless.
    Chris Bartlett

  24. Hi Grace! You look amazing. How fab to be doing magic tricks. Liv came into school tonight for parents evening, I nearly cried as I wasn’t expecting to see her. You and Liv are such brave girls. I saw your TV clip from the news, I bet that was exciting. I shall be looking out for you on the TV tomorrow night too.
    I hope you carry on feeling much better. Take care.
    Lots of love from Ms Barlow xxxx

  25. Sounds like you won’t be tired at all when you’re done in hospital 🏆well done keep it up and remember to stay happy you’re doing well/great.

  26. Could I see some magic too when you are free please you can if you want to put a list of instructions on how to do that magic trick.

  27. hi Grace love the magic tricks. I so miss you at school lots and lots .when are you coming to school? love the comments. from Leah[miss you lots]

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