(Day -19) Scans

Hi guys,

Last night we got some sleep even though the drip stands were beeping.

Then I had breakfast at 7:00am because I was nil by mouth (which means that I can’t eat and in my case because I’m going for an ultrasound scan on my tummy) from 8:00am.

I went for an ultrasound at 12:00 on my tummy and I saw my liver, pancreas, gall bladder, bladder and kidney. After that I went back and had a salad.

At 1:10 I went for a CT scan and it was fun,the machine talked and made a funny noise. I had to lie still and hold my breath.


This is Kate, one of the nurses on tonight








This is my consultant, Dr Cowley

17 thoughts on “(Day -19) Scans

  1. Hi Grace, How cool to see inside your tummy. I’ve always wondered exactly what your gall bladder is for? The staff all look so friendly and I’m sure are taking good care of you.
    Sending you HUGE hugs and BIG kisses,
    Aunty Mary xxx

  2. I am glad you have so many lovely people looking after you. I am sure they are doing their best to help you to get well. I know how they must feel about looking after you because I used to be a children’s nurse working in Great Ormond Street Children’s Hopsital in London and loved looking after the children.
    Lots of love and prayers from John and I

  3. Hello sweetheart. well you are certainly learning about inside your body Grace, I wonder if you will grow up to be a nurse. I bet they love to look after you as you are a very special girl, I think nurses and doctors are very special people as they train for many years wanting to help us to get well again.
    have you been riding on your cousins horse yet? I am looking forward to seeing a picture of him.
    Well my lovely, get well soon, love to you all, hugs to you and Liv.
    God bless xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Wow! How amazing to see all that! I hope you will draw a picture! Did you really have to hold your breath….and not talk? I bet that was so hard for you!! Hope to see you soon brave princess warrior!
    Love & prayers, Kath xx

  5. Hello Grace 👋
    I’m really enjoying reading your blog and finding out how you are getting on.
    Sorry to hear you are having to stay in PRH for a couple of nights☹️ 🤒
    I’m sure everyone on the ward is looking after you very well. Thinking of you.
    I hope you get home soon.

  6. I am learning so much from your blog, Grace. I’m sure you will be a doctor when you grow up. PRH is an interesting place ; I often bring my Mum there and we walk miles round the corridors and then have coffee in the nice cafe by the children’s ward. Hope you are home soon.

  7. Wow Grace, being able to see inside your body is an amazing thing, how did it make you feel? Could you feel anything when they were doing it?

  8. Wow , you will be so good at biology after all these scans😉👍🏻It was lovely to see you and we were even abit late for gym 😱as Lissy didn’t want to leave you😘love you loads❤️Xxx

  9. Thank you for your blog again. We hope and pray you will be back home soon.
    What fun you made of looking at all your innards!!!!! Love, Chris and Mary

  10. Wow Grace, you and your mum did a fantastic job with the shark song, the tune is really snappy 😂. Thank you for keeping us up to date with what is happening, you are doing a brilliant job! Love Steve and Barbara xxx

  11. Hello Lovely Grace I hope this”blog ” gets to you as I’m not a blog techno wiz kid like you are and I’ve never sent one before !!!
    Loved the shark dance.
    Keep going little one .

    Lots of love and prayers
    From Carol Riding.xxx 🙋

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