(Day -20)Telford

I’ve gone to Telford for platelets and ambizone. And saw my friend Zak. When we got back we picked up the dog from my Nan’s house then went home. After that my temperature went to 37.9 then 37.7 then 37.8 then 37.9 again and if it go’s to 38.0 and above we have to ring telford and go in. After that my friend Oliver came round and we played with my Lego then we played Pie Face the game whith a wet sponge then Oli dept getting the sponge really wet and made it hit him so he got soaked whith it. Then we took my temperature and it was 38.0!!! So we rang up and dropped Oli back of and Barney the dog at Nan’s. So we went into hospital because I need 24hour antibiotics as a temp 38.0 and over meens a sign of an infection. So now as I’ve got 3 lines (wigglies) I’ve got 3 drip stands.







This is Rachel one of my favourite nurses








This is Katie another of my favourite nurses.




18 thoughts on “(Day -20)Telford

  1. A very eventful day for you, sounds like you had fun with Oli. I hope the infection clears up quickly for you and you’re back home again soon. Katie looks like a great nurse xx

  2. Thinking of you❤️Elle is having a 3 hour blood test tomorrow so you can compare notes and nurses😂love you loads😘🤜🏻 Xx

  3. Hi Grace from Kent. I’m at my daughter Chatlie’s House
    For half term. She and her husband Pete are both head teachers so are at home this week. Great to read your update – sounds like a very busy day! Glad you had some fun with your friends. I hope your temperature is soon back to normal so you can go home. Nurse Katie looks lovely and smiley 😊 with lovd and blessings, Wendy x

  4. Hi Grace – just typed you a message but it does not seem to have posted – so I’m trying again! We’re in Kent at the moment staying with our daughter Charlie and her husband Pete. They are both head teachers so we are visiting for half term. Sounds like you’ve had a very busy day. Glad you had some fun with your friends. I hope the temperature goes down soon so that you can go home. Nurse Katie looks very friendly. Love and blessings, Wendy xx

  5. What a busy day. Mum will certainly know that road to Telford very well by now! I’m sure you are one of the nurse’s favourite patients Grace!
    Sending you a BIG HUG from us all.
    Aunty Mary xxx

  6. Crumbs Grace!
    Sounds like you’ve had a great time followed by a not such a good time.
    At least you’ll get the chance to see your lovely nurses a bit sooner than you might have expected.
    Keep writing, I love to read your blog
    God bless you

  7. You’ll be getting so dizzy all that backwards and forwards! Hope the temp is going down nicely and that you will be home very soon. Love and prayers, Kath & Bob xx

    p.s I have had my hair cut and I think it is shorter than yours!! x

  8. Hi Grace 😊 Whew! What a busy day but it sounded like fun, except for the rise in your temperature. Hope the antibiotics work quickly. Praying you’ll be home very quickly. Sending you lots of love and a big hug 🤗 Jxxx

  9. Hi Grace, we are in Pembrokeshire at the moment enjoying half term. Bruce loves swimming in the sea 🌊 And walking along the coastal path. It sounds like you are having a busy time too, your nurses look lovely. I hope your temperature has come down now. Xxxx

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