(Day -26) Home

Today I’m doing work with my mum while my dad is working from home. My dad is getting a surprise for me I can’t wait to see what it is.


My surprise is….


21 thoughts on “(Day -26) Home

  1. Hello there Grace Ward!! What a brilliant blog! Hope you had a lovely day at home. Please can you let us know what the surprise is? Is it to do with your new room??? Xx

    1. Wow that is a totally awesome dressing table! How long though though til your mum advertises it for sale on bridgnorth sales and swaps!! Shall I pop round and nail it the floor just in case?? Your hair is still looking epic by the way. Xx

  2. Hi Grace, your hair looks lovely 😊 what was your surprise from Daddy? Liv tells Georgia about how you are getting on when they are at school together but it’s wonderful to read your blog. Xxx

  3. Hooray, you got your dressing table with a mirror! Brilliant! Looking forward to reading your blog.
    You are an amazing brave little girl and we love you.

    1. That’s a very smart dressing table! Do you keep your lovely nail varnishes on there?Like everyone else says you are such a brave girl.
      How are Barneys ears now? Nanny Ave said he had to go to vets, poor Barney.Misty had an operation a couple of weeks ago and had a collar on like a big saucer!!!!
      Kieran took it off her last Saturday and oh was she pleased!!! No more walking into doors and my legs!!
      Hope your temperature is going to stay down. Prayers are being answered.
      lots of love and blessings to a special little girl
      Robin, (Dobbin!) Carol and Debbie XXXXX

  4. Hi Grace – this is Wendy from Devon. What a great idea to write a blog – will look forward to reading all your news. As I said in my card – you are brave – an amazing and special girl.

  5. Hi Grace Andrew, Esther, Naomi , Kevin and myself have just read your blog and learnt all about Aplastic Anaemia (sorry if spelling is incorrect ) we are on holiday in Greece at moment and liked reading and looking at your great haircut and your new dressing table with your mirror, I would like one like that it’s lovely( said Amanda ) You are amazing and an inspiration as Is your Mom, Dad and liv take care look Forward to seeing and hearing more from you sweetheart love all of us the Pritchards and a Klumpje too xxxxxxx

  6. Hi Grace, it’s Sam Lewis here from church just found your blog it’s cool. Your dressing table looks nice, I not going to Sunday school much because I play football now but will go this week and it will be quiet if your not thereπŸ˜€.
    Half term now so no school😁😁😁,hope you have good fun I going to Blackpool for a few days with mum and dad and Connie and pops.
    Your very brave and hope I see you soon at church.

  7. Hi Grace, you are such an inspiration to many and your new haircut looks lovely, as does your dressing table. Chloe, Ben, Jess and I look forward to seeing you soon in Church.

  8. Lots of love from Chris and Mary Bache. I will draw you another horse. I have a bronze model of a horse called Bucephalus so I will copy that. Chris
    You are a brave girl and you are making lots of exciting surprises and I look forward to more! Mary

  9. Lovely haircut and your dressing table is very nice. I hear you have swapped bedrooms.You look very smart and are a brave girl. Keep it up πŸ˜€ xx

  10. Grace, what a fab blog! Your new hairstyle looks amazing too. You are an inspiration to many – keep up the good work! You must all be so proud of your sister too. I’ll be looking out for you at PRH. Lou x

  11. Hi Grace,
    I’m loving your blog! So beautifully laid out, liking the background colour too. I bet there’s plenty of stuff on the dressing table now you’ve had it a day or two.
    Looking forward to reading of your progress
    God Bless you

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