My wig

I’ve chosen my wig to be two different colours so it’s highlights. The colours are brown but one lighter than my hair and the other a bit lighter and the length is just below my shoulders with a fringe.👍

It’s coming from America and its £5,000 but we get it for free. And it takes 9/10 weeks to come so it will come about 6/7 weeks from now.

(Day -18) Come back home

I got a really good sleep last night.

Then I woke up and had breakfast and got dressed.

Later I went out and saw Rupert one of my friends and we tried to make models out of little match sticks but it didn’t work. Later Zak came and we all had lunch. We made edible necklaces and bracelets. Then me, Zak’s mum, Charlie and my mum danced to the shark song on YouTube.

Then Zak went, Rupert went to his room and Charlie’s brother came. While I was having my platelets I went to my room. When my platelets had finished I was unconnected from them and all my other stuff and I was allowed HOME!

(Day -19) Scans

Hi guys,

Last night we got some sleep even though the drip stands were beeping.

Then I had breakfast at 7:00am because I was nil by mouth (which means that I can’t eat and in my case because I’m going for an ultrasound scan on my tummy) from 8:00am. Continue reading

(Day -20)Telford

I’ve gone to Telford for platelets and ambizone. And saw my friend Zak. When we got back we picked up the dog from my Nan’s house then went home. After that my temperature went to 37.9 then 37.7 then 37.8 then 37.9 again and if it go’s to 38.0 and above we have to ring telford and go in. After that my friend Oliver came round and we played with my Lego then we played Pie Face the game whith a wet sponge then Oli dept getting the sponge really wet and made it hit him so he got soaked whith it. Then we took my temperature and it was 38.0!!! So we rang up and dropped Oli back of and Barney the dog at Nan’s. So we went into hospital because I need 24hour antibiotics as a temp 38.0 and over meens a sign of an infection. So now as I’ve got 3 lines (wigglies) I’ve got 3 drip stands.







This is Rachel one of my favourite nurses








This is Katie another of my favourite nurses.




This blog is about………

Hi, my name is Grace I’m 8 years old and I have got an illness called Aplastic Anaemia so that means my bone marrow doesn’t work. So I’m having a bone marrow transplant. And my sister, Liv is a bone marrow match so she is giving me some of her bone marrow. And in this blog you will know/see what happens.

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