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Hi, my name is Grace I’m 8 years old and I have got an illness called Aplastic Anaemia so that means my bone marrow doesn’t work. So I’m having a bone marrow transplant. And my sister, Liv is a bone marrow match so she is giving me some of her bone marrow. And in this blog you will know/see what happens.

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I have now dropped 3 meds but one of then makes my hair grow thick and stops my body from reacting to my sisters bone marrow.Now my hair is thinning and falling out so I have lost my eyebrows.Soon I will start wearing my wig.It is making me quite upset so when I next go to holpital I will tell them. About 2 months ago the hospital sent for a referral with a dermatologist(person who deals with skin)

Line out

A few weeks ago my central line(in my chest) split! My mom rang up Birmingham Children’s hospital and they said to come straight in.If it splits we have to clamp it with these clamps that we were given and rap it in this sterile gorse that we have.That was on a Thursday night in the summer holidays. On Friday evening I went down to Theatre and was put to sleep with an anaesthetic and had my line taken out.After a few weeks( when it was healed) I was allowed to go swimming for the first time since may last year. I loved it!

T-Cells, Whoa


A few weeks ago we got the all clear so i can go to public places, have a normal diet and best of all i can go back to school in phased return after this holiday. Im going back to a new school in Bobbington but I’m extremely exited. I have been to Mc’donalds and Telford town centre. But since May last year i haven’t been allowed on a trampoline, so now i have been on the trampoline and it was EPIC!!

When i go to clinic it will be the public clinic and also it is now once a fortnight, then it will go to once a month then it will gradually get less times.

(Day +82) Allo Mate!!!!

Yesterday A famous Christian rapper called Guvna B came to our house. He got me a bag, beanie hat, a pom pom hat, a book and a jumper but that fits Liv. I loved him coming it was so exiting! He was performing in West Brom but before he performed he came to see me. It was really nice of him to come. He also brought two of his friends, Michael and Harrison.


Here is the link to the book, so please buy it!!


(Day +82) Update

Hi guys, sorry I haven’t been posting. I’ve been at home since Christmas except for New Year’s Eve when I went in for 2 nights with a temperature. I do suggest getting an under-arm thermometer if you need one, as we found the ear ones weren’t very accurate.


I haven’t gone back to school yet but I’m having lessons at home every day for an hour or two, with the school teacher from Telford hospital and a TA from my school.


I go to BCH every Tuesday for a check up and my blood count is really increasing every time! In a few weeks time they will test for T-cells which are a type of white cell, and they allow me to go to public places and back to school when they are above 0.3


Thank you for reading my blog, I will post every so often and let you know if anything exciting happens.

(Day +42) Home at last

On Saturday I was discharged from hospital and when I got home my dog was really pleased to see me. I love being at home and just before Christmas as well.

Happy Christmas!!! I’ve got lots of presents! I hope you have a very merry Christmas as well.

Happy Boxing Day. Tomorrow I have got to get up at 6:30!!!! To leave at 7:00 to get to BCH for 8:30!! I’ve got to go to BCH for a clinic and to have a blood test and if my bloods are fine and I’m ok then I’ll be able to go back home. I don’t mind getting up early because it’s better than being in hospital!


(Day +33) Best weekend ever

Yesterday Dad came early and then a lady arrived to fit my wig, it was a total surprise and I loved it!








Then, for another surprise, I was allowed home for the weekend and I was so shocked!! My dog was really pleased to see me.








It was the best feeling, sleeping in my own bed. My cousin Lissy came to see me Saturday night and also Sunday afternoon, and we decorated the Christmas tree. My sister curled my hair and it looked beautiful.

(Day +30) First outing

Today was the best day ever. My neutrophils have gone up and stayed up for 3 days because I had a booster drug to help on Monday. I was allowed out of my room and we went on 2 walks outside. It felt cold! It was different than being in my room, and I have sat and talked to the nurses for hours.

This is Clare and Tom

This is Sandra, she calls me Moaning Myrtle!

(Day +25) Challenge

Last night Dad stayed over and I’d got a new kindle fire! And i have a challenge to drink 1.6litres a day! Today I had 1.735litres! It has been snowing a bit here but not as much as Bridgnorth. On Friday people from the Nutcracker/ Birmingham Royal Ballet(BRB) came and I spoke to them on the intercom.








This is Tiffany








This is Lyn








I miss the snow at home